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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the I-30 Project?

The Project is a TxDOT study to develop long-term transportation and operational improvements on I-30 generally east of downtown Dallas, across eastern Dallas County. The purpose of the Project is to improve safety, address congestion, improve traffic operations, and address roadway deficiencies.


Where are the project limits?

The Project will study I-30 from the I-30 Canyon near downtown Dallas (east of IH-35E) to Bass Pro Drive in Garland. (17 miles)


What cities are affected?

The I-30 segment under study passes through the cities of Dallas, Mesquite and Garland.

If Managed Lanes are proposed, will they be tolled?

No. The I-30 Project is planned to have non-tolled express/managed lanes.

What is a non-tolled express/managed lane?

Non-tolled express/managed lanes are non-tolled lanes that are open to all users including SOVs (single occupancy vehicles) and HOVs (high occupancy vehicles) that would serve as a general purpose lane with limited access.   As a managed lane, the operations could change over time to allow HOVs only during peak hours, or trucks only at night, or some other operational tool.


When is construction anticipated to begin?

There is no committed schedule for construction at this time.  However, some smaller-scale breakout projects are in progress.  Notably, the I-30 Pedestrian Bridge at St. Francis Drive is expected to go to construction prior to 2020 (subject to contract letting schedules.) Other larger-scale reconstruction projects are likely to be scheduled beyond 2020. The sequencing and scheduling of construction projects will be addressed as part of the Project.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please visit the Contact Us page to leave a question or comment for the project team.

Will public involvement meetings be scheduled?

Yes. There are public meetings scheduled in 2016, as shown on the Project News page.  The TxDOT project team also plans to hold additional meetings with the public over 2017-2018 period to keep the community involved and to release and discuss project information as it is developed. Please check back on the Project News page for future meeting announcements.

How can I stay connected as the Project is developed?

Please visit the Stay Involved page and click Sign Up for Mailing List! This will get you connected to email updates, newsletters and meeting announcements produced by the TxDOT Project Team.

What is happening on US 80 in East Dallas County?

TxDOT has a separate study for US-80 in the segment from the I-30/US 80 Split in Dallas (near Big Town Boulevard), to FM 460 (Clements Road) in Forney (11 miles)  Click here to learn more.

Are US 80 and I-30 Two Separate Projects or just One Big Project?

The I-30 and US 80 Projects are separate studies, and will require separate plans and permitting for each. TxDOT expects to process both Projects on roughly the same time schedule in 2016 to 2018. During this period, there are expected to be public meetings or other outreach events specific to one Project or the other. People are welcome to stay involved with one or both Projects if they so choose.